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01/03/2017 - News
We present you the new Buffoli training room
Learning and knowledge, express in all the languages of the world

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28/02/2017 - News
The new Italian tax benefits for Industry 4.0
An amortization effect of 250% for the assets included in the annexes "Industry 4.0"

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18/05/2016 - News
The latest data (January-September 2015) on the export of transfer machines as a Whole...

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20/11/2015 - News
Buffoli Transfer at ITC Annual Seminar/Workshop in New Dehli (India) on 2nd december
The Italian Company Buffoli Transfer S.p.A., European leader in the development...

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31/03/2014 - News
Buffoli Transfer at ITC Annual Seminar/Workshop in Pune (India) on 9th April
Buffoli Transfer S.p.A. is a member of ITC – Italian Technology Center based in Pune with the aim to introduce in India the best Italian Technology in multi-spindle, multi-station machines.

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10/10/2013 - News
Buffoli's catalogues: update
We updated Buffoli Solutions catalogue and Omni-Flex Tri-Center catalogue

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14/02/2013 - News
New Omni-Flex Tri Center 5 axis
Buffoli Transfer SpA presents in production the new Multi-Station Machining Center (complex part machined on all 6 sides with more than 50 tools)

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02/04/2009 - News
Buffoli won the Award of Mechanical Engineering 2009
The company BUFFOLI is proud to announce that on 30th March 2009 we were presented with the International Prize...

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19/02/2009 - News
Our latest advertising for the automotive industry
See the latest advertising

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23/03/2007 - News
Machining from bar stock
Per la produzione di pezzi torniti da barra si sta diffondendo rapidamente una tecnologia innovativa...

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