American Machinist - EMO 2003

Brescia, Italy-based Buffoli Transfer S.p.A. unveiled its Trans-Bar 55+ horizontal-axis transfer machine at EMO. Fed by non-rotating bar-stock, the machine finishes even the most complex parts from both directions and transversely, in one clamping. On average, the machine generates cycle times of 2 to 10 sec., which is roughly 50% shorter than a multispindle automatic, according to the company.

The non-rotating bar process ensures the machine's working tolerances held to tight process specifications. In addition, it guarantees the concentricity of internal and external operations. And with up to 40 tools, the Trans-Bar 55+ precisely machines parts, front and back, as well as complete external and internal surfaces and transverse features in seconds.
The modular transfer system can be equipped with CNC profiling heads for precision machining using CNC-guided interpolation; 3-axis multiprocess modules for drilling and threading operations and interpolated milling; and accessories for rolling, marking, knurling, broaching, or milling.