Trans-Bar 55+, in particular, is the flexible universal Trans Bar model which is most suitable for being used in the subcontracting sector which - it is common knowledge - needs reduced cycle times but it requires also excellent flexibility and easy changeover.

The process with static bar and rotary tools implies some advantages, such as accuracy in alignments and operations' orthogonality, in the constant maintenance in time of the machining values and in the concentricity between internal and external operations (executed in the same station).

Buffoli's universal spindle units (each with a power of 7.5 kW) thanks to their rapid coupling can be quickly equipped with Buffoli NC heads for static turning, Buffoli mini-revolving type heads with three tools which can be freely positioned in the machining range (tool change in 0.5 seconds), heads for rolling, marking, knurling, broaching, milling etc. etc., for a total number of 29 tools to which further 11 horizontal tools for particular applications can be added.

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