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By comparison, a Trans-Bar is about 25-30 times more productive than a CNC two-spindle lathe and about two/three times more productive than a modern CNC multi-spindle lathe or screw machine.
Another of the advantages arising from the use of Trans-Bar machines is the higher quality surface finish it produces on machined parts ( …) thanks to non-rotating bars that do not generate vibrations. Machined dimensions are assured over time without corrective action or intervention. In fact, the machine can hold tolerances of 0.02 mm for longer than a whole shift, producing parts which are consistently in tolerance for the entire work day, without appreciable differences attributable to a cold or warm machine. The recessing heads, i.e. the static turning heads, developed by Buffoli, are both rigid and precisely balanced. Buffoli equipment allows us a much higher level of productive flexibility than in the past and, with tool pre-setting opportunities outside of the machine, the changeover times are reduced from nine or ten hours, down in the range of between 30 minutes and two hours.The tool monitoring system developed by Buffoli constantly monitors all machining parameters, allowing longer tool life and automatic “cycle stop”, when a deviation from the programmed machining parameter limits is detected. The system detects tool wear, preventing the production of non-conforming parts and avoiding tool breakage. This option, in addition to facilitating significant savings in downtime due to tooling and machine stoppages, offers the real opportunity to program unmanned operations.
The tutoring offered as part of a comprehensive operator training program, the support and co-operation extended to Georg Fischer Pfci during the delicate phase of “machine start-up”, along with the study of specific machining cycles as well as the instructions for process cycle and tool design (…), are principles that have greatly contributed to the consolidation of a long-term partnership between manufacturer and user. Finally we have found a manufacturer that has perfectly understood our production, precision, and flexibility needs. Along with the machine, he has provided us with the necessary assistance and know-how to optimize resources and to prepare us for the new demands of a market ever more oriented towards small batches. The high speed execution of single-point threading and special contouring profiles avoids the use of thread chasers or form tools, allowing tool savings and higher versatility.

(Factory Director of the Italian branch of a primary Swiss group in water, gas and plumbing plants field. Article published on the review TECNOLOGIE MECCANICHE).

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