RMO - Trans-N-Center

The new TRANS-N-CENTER is an indexing turret machine tool with absolutely innovative characteristics. TRANS-N-CENTER machines are designed with reference to specific production fields in order to offer the optimum mix of flexibility and productivity and the best results in terms of quality and control of the production process. With respect to normal Transfer Machines, TRANS-N-CENTER machines are able to cover a wider application field. Moreover, our quick changeover capability allows the machining of small batches, simplifying production management according to just-in-time criteria, and reducing in process and finished goods inventories. TRANS-N-CENTER machines are simultaneously transfer machines, machining centers and turning centers. Recently, at the Pegler factory in United Kingdom, BUFFOLI has installed a very advanced TRANS-N-CENTER. It is capable of machining more than 400 different types of fluid interception and regulation devices with maximum facing strokes of 30+30 mm.


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